With an energy second to none, Karen Kennedy founder and CEO of Bookit Bookkeeping grew a unique business partnering small to medium business owners, making their life easier when it came to account matters. The growth solely depended on her and her team, not that of any brand support at all let alone one that mentioned one of many points of difference. We were acquired to bring real meaning to a company that was ready for real change and growth.

Bookit Bookkeeping……. “We feel your success”
So how does the hummingbird relate to bookkeeping?
The hummingbird symbolises great courage, determination, flexibility and adaptability. Lightness of being, enjoyment of life. Bringing playfulness and joy in your life. Lifting up negativity. Swiftness, ability to respond quickly. Resiliency - able to travel great distances tirelessly.

Communicating to future growth markets not
only increases awareness but outcomes!

Bookit Bookkeeping……. “We feel your success”

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