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Bouquet Creative have for all its years in business supported many many organisations, sporting clubs, non for profits, charities, great causes and those that are less fortunate than us.

We believe it is certainly in Giving that we all receive, and the appreciation we have received over the years has really enriched all our lives beyond words.

The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation is close to Bronwyn’s heart, as she is an active volunteer with the organisation. The Pyjama Foundation aims to give children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their life through learning, life skills and confidence.

As a ‘Pyjama Angel’ Bronwyn looks forward to spending time each week with her gorgeous pyjama child, Zander (aged 5), who she has been matched up with. Wearing our pyjamas to work for a day was the least we could do to help raise money for such a fabulous cause!

The Red Cross

In looking for another way to give back to our community, we heard on the radio that each blood donation can save up to 3 lives.........and we were sold! None of us had been blood donors before, so it was definitely a matter of doing something well outside of our comfort zones - but we knew it would be worth it, as it is all for a good cause. We have set up a Red25 Group, and encourage others to become part of our donation team.

Follow this link if you are interested in learning more:


Fight Cancer Foundation

Recently being chosen over several other agencies, we are now in creative direction to bring a whole new approach to THE FOOTY COLOURS DAY campaign. Once this is launched next year our aim is to assist the organisation on a much larger scale and all its sister companies.

Choir in the Cloud

Choir in the Cloud was created by Dene Menzel, Robert’s cousin. Her vision was to broaden the definition of a choir, by connecting voices that would otherwise never have had the opportunity to come together, via the internet.​ Not only is it a fabulous cause, but there is often nothing greater than helping family. Bouquet Creative are proud to have been part of this incredible initiative, whose ‘Waltzing Matilda’ project was also supported Kate Cerberano!


Altona Gators Basketball Association

and Altona Laverton Eagles Association

Royal Children’s Hospital

Apart from the many donations we have passed onto to the hospital, one of the areas we were involved in supporting was the RCH 1000 area which is heavily involved in supporting the research and development area of the hospital. Over years we supplied many promotional items and creative work to assist in gaining more donations.

The Reach Foundation

Reach is an organisation that aims to support young people in order for them to be healthy and resilient in meeting life’s challenges, and fulfilling their potential

We have shown our support for The Reach Foundation by attending their annual event at Crown Palladium and by making donations.

Own Your Space

The Grovedale Tigers Football Netball Club developed a community education program aimed at supporting their players, supporters and the community in general, in making more educated decisions in all aspects of their lives. It’s purpose is to reinforce the fact that everything we do in life involves a decision, and every decision involves a choice that ultimately has a consequence. They hope to reinforce that by “owning your space” you have a greater chance of making the right decisions for you and the people around you.

We showed our support for this great cause by desiging the ‘Own Your Space’ logo for them.

Point Cook Football Club

With Roberts son loving his footy and joining the local footy club, it was a natural opportunity to offer our support to the club. Apart from all the parental support on and off the field, our agency also offered creative knowledge and direction to assist.

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